Needle-free IDAL provides
safe, easy and fast application
of vaccines1

What is IDAL?

IDAL is a needle-free injector, which is developed to give a fixed low vaccine dose in the dermis of the pig. Intradermal vaccination provides the possibility for correct, easy, fast and safe application of vaccines for swine and is suitable for herds of all sizes. Read more

Benefits of IDAL

· Needle-free vaccination

· Improved welfare and less stress for the pigs and employees alike

· Immune response comparable to traditional intramuscular vaccination1

· Small injection volume (0.2 ml)

· No risk of muscle tissue damage as the vaccine is deposited in the skin

· Reduced risk of abscess formation and meat discard

· Increased flexibility in the choice of vaccination area


IDAL 1G & 2G

IIDAL 1G and 2G are the first and second IDAL generations. The latest model of the two, model 2G, has both bluetooth and position sensor, and weighs 1700 grams.

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IDAL 3G Mono

IDAL 3G Mono is the third IDAL generation. This new model is ergonomically designed with a weight distribution that ensures easy handling. Model 3G Mono weighs 1400 grams.

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IDAL 3G TWIN is the third IDAL generation. This model can inject two vaccines simultaneously and is ergonomically designed. Model 3G TWIN weighs 1700 grams.

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Intradermal vaccination

In modern pig production the pig producers often own several specialized units. In order to manage herd health and control diseases easily and efficiently, reliable and fast methods are needed. The modern consumer demands food free from antibiotic or vaccine residues. Intradermal administration of vaccines combines the consumer´s need for food safety with the farmer´s demand for an efficient, user-friendly and easy vaccination method.

1) Ferrari L. et al. (2011). Evaluation of the immune response induced by intradermal vaccination by using a needleless system in comparison with the intramuscular route in conventional pigs. Research in Veterinary Science 90 64-71.

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